Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I bought some new fabrics today for some new cross stitch projects. I am excited and can't wait to get them in the mail. The fabric is beautiful with the hand dyed colors from Silkweavers.

Then I brought some new charts from PatternsOnline to stitch on the new fabrics I bought.

Oh I bought some Qsnaps last week and I got them in the mail yesterday. I tried it on my current project and I love it! I love how it keeps the fabric tight when I don't have to keep stretching it like it did on the hoops.

I heard so much positive things about it from the reviews on Joann's. They were right, Qsnaps are better than the hoops.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

My first completed CS project. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I completed the first "Forever Lasting" for my cousin Keith and Olivia's wedding. It took me 2 weeks and 1 day to finish it. I started September 5th and finish today on the 20th. I was excited to finish it because it's actually the first cross stitch project that I completed. I have several others that I am working on but still not finish.

This Saturday, I plan to go to Joann and buy an iron, so I can iron my project to make it neater. I'm supposed to wash the fabric but I am scared that the color of the thread will start to fade or go all over the fabric. I hate to risk it.

Now I need to work on the second "Forever Lasting" for Mike and Elizabeth. I will need to hurry since their wedding is last than 3 weeks away!

One mistake I made with the first project is I didn't bother to whipstitch the ends and now I got all kinds of frays on the ends. The cloth become loose and I had a hard time cross stitching the project. Now I learned my lesson, I will whipstitch the second project to prevent fraying.

I will post a picture of it once the batteries in my digital camera are recharge

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Forever Lasting

I'm working on "Forever Lasting" for two couples that are getting marry in October. It's from The Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection Book Number 278 To Love & To Cherish. It's a special keepsake for the bride and groom.

I'm working on the first one and hope to be done by Monday, so I can start the second one.

I started using Glissen Gloss Threads and found that I hated it. I took them out and used only cotton floss which I liked much better. During the process, I realized I didn't like using the hoops because it keeps stretching out the aida cloth and the threads look too loose on the fabric. So I ordered a q snap and hope to get it soon. I hope it is good as the reviewers said in their comments on Joann.com.

I will post a picture of my completed project once I am done (hopefully by Monday).