Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I completed the first "Forever Lasting" for my cousin Keith and Olivia's wedding. It took me 2 weeks and 1 day to finish it. I started September 5th and finish today on the 20th. I was excited to finish it because it's actually the first cross stitch project that I completed. I have several others that I am working on but still not finish.

This Saturday, I plan to go to Joann and buy an iron, so I can iron my project to make it neater. I'm supposed to wash the fabric but I am scared that the color of the thread will start to fade or go all over the fabric. I hate to risk it.

Now I need to work on the second "Forever Lasting" for Mike and Elizabeth. I will need to hurry since their wedding is last than 3 weeks away!

One mistake I made with the first project is I didn't bother to whipstitch the ends and now I got all kinds of frays on the ends. The cloth become loose and I had a hard time cross stitching the project. Now I learned my lesson, I will whipstitch the second project to prevent fraying.

I will post a picture of it once the batteries in my digital camera are recharge

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