Monday, March 05, 2007

So Disappointed

I had several pictures ready on my memory card to post my knitting and cross stitching that I've completed in the past 2 months. Unfortunately, my husband thought that the pictures were already uploaded on the computer and erased them. So I have to humbly ask my friend who I gave a nice cross stitch gift for her birthday to take a picture of it again in her home. I always try to do it before I give it to them but this case is different. I lost some of my knitting pictures and I can't picture them again because most of those knitting gifts were birthday gifts for family in New York. I'm sorry there is not much to show today.

Meanwhile, I think I can show you what I am working on now.

I am working on the Summer Sample by Janlynn. I've always love this sampler and bought it at Joann store with a 50% off coupon. I plan on getting the winter, autumn and spring sample as well.

I will post a picture sometimes this week to show what I am also currently knitting for my daughter's first sweater.


Dawn said...

I'm glad your back blogging. :) I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your daughter's sweater.

Lynn said...

I love those samplers as well. It is my hope to get and do them someday too. I believe they are done by a former designer with Kooler design studios. (I forget her name, but I like her style). I have not seen any of them up here in Ontario, Canada. Enjoy, they look like lots of fun!!!