Monday, October 03, 2005

I did a lot of cross stitching yesterday all afternoon, then I had to stop in the evening because I had a bad headache. I try to avoid doing cross stitching when I have a bad headache because I tend to mess up easily. So I read my book and watch my tv shows to relax. I hope to finish the project today and that my daughter will take long naps today haha.

If she takes long naps, then I'm sure I can finish it today. If not, well I guess I will have to finish it tomorrow. It just has to be done before Thursday which is the wedding day.

I was looking through Nordic Needle website and I found a couple of things that I like to cross stitch in the future.

I saw several people lists their goals for the month on their website to finish projects. I thought it was a good idea, so I will do the same.


1) Happy Halloween Seasons Way
2) Nautical Clock
3) Winter Cat
4) Start on HAED or Mirabilia design

So that is my list for October. It should be interesting to see if I can accomplish all of them in one month. I hope so.

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