Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This will be my sceond project once I am done with the Halloween one. I love nautical stuff and I chose a treasure trove fabric to give it a more nautical look. I hope it will look good with the fabric. I thought about framing it with a round tube similar to the one where it says welcome aboard. I don't know the name for it.

I also know this is one of my listings for October, I'm not sure if it will be done before Oct. 31 and I don't think it will be done by then. I will work on this and I have been meaning to work on some Christmas cross stitching. I'm getting into the Christmas mood now that Halloween is almost over.


Trish said...

I love it! Are you going to finish it as a clock?

Lnanaa said...

If I can learn how to make it into a clock, then yea, I would definitely make it into a clock instead of just framing it. :)