Friday, November 04, 2005

I am still working on my Halloween project. I am slow since I've been interrupted by my 7 months old daughter quite often. I'm sure the moms out there understand what I mean.

I am halfway done with it and I've been thinking about making it into a flat fold. Once it's all done, I will post it here.

I'm keeping my October goals for this month.

I'm not doing any Thanksgiving project since I am not crazy about that Holiday, but I do have several Christmas project that I like to do in December.

I will come back here often and check out other blogs and leave comments.


Isabelle said...

HI Lnanaa, thank you for leaving comments on my blog.
I'd love to see a progress picture of your Halloween project!
Have a nice weekend!

AngelSan said...

me too, I want to see !!!
ANd I admire the fact that you can still stitch an Halloween project after the day of Halloween... I'm sure it will be great !

What christmas projects do you want to stitch?

Lelia said...

I had one more 'october' flip-it by Lizzie Kate -- ready to go & never found the time. But, maybe next Fall ; ) Enjoy your week-end. Looks like the weather is warm in Orlando.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Not to worry, you are not alone. My 2yr old son would sit on my chart, would try to scratch the fabric while I'm now I stitch during lunch time and journey to office from home.

Your Halloween project is looking great. :)