Thursday, November 10, 2005

The pumpkins are a pain in the neck. The colors jump around all over the place instead of row by row. So it's taking me longer than I thought to do the pumpkins.

I was planning to do Donna Kooler Christmas Designs, but I changed my mind and decided to learn some new stitches. I was admiring the
Victoria Sampler Christmas Ornament and I don't know how to stitch something like that.

I noticed that VS had a section where they teach different stitches as a beginner's project which is called
Beyond X Stitch . So I decided I wanted to learn them and order the first one. The first project is about Rice Stitch. So I am eager to get it in the mail and start learning some new stitches.

Then someday I can make that Christmas Ornament on VS someday. :)


Von said...

I've done several Beyond X-Stitch projects and love the designs. Have you found the stitch animations on the VS website? They're really a big help!

Lnanaa said...

Yes I found the animations and plan to use them when I get my stitch project. I love the designs too. They're beautiful! :)

Lili said...

Wow! New things to learn! Looking forward to see the result!