Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I am almost done with my Halloween project. I am working on the pumpkins now. Then I have to work on all of the backstitches. I'm getting really excited that it's almost done.

My daughter has been taking long naps for the past 2 days and I tend to do my stitches when she is sleeping. I hardly have time to do it when she is awake. I usually sit in my rocking chair when I stitch and when she sees me sitting there, she wants me to pick her up and rock her.

So I tend to clean the house, play with her, read a book, or watch a tv show. I got most of my stitches done during the day because last night, my husband and I were watching the Amazing Race. It's a tradition we started since we got married. We love to watch that show and see all the different places they travel to. Last night, they travel in Costa Rica to Pheonix Arizona. I would certainly love to visit those places someday.

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