Sunday, November 27, 2005

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I haven't done any stitching this weekend because I was busy shopping and looking at Christmas decorations at different Disney hotels.

I also have been reading a great book called "A Million Little Pieces." I am halfway thru this book and once I am done with it,I will go back to my stitches. I can't put this book down. I have to finish it.

I did start my Nautical project and I will post an update of my progress sometimes this week.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my Halloween project. It's always nice to hear from you. :)

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Kristen said...

Lauren, I am also reading "A Million Little Pieces" and love it. It is definately one that is hard to put down. Can't wait to see the progress pics of your nautical project! Happy stitching!