Saturday, October 22, 2005

I was so frustrated last night with my printer. I wanted to start my new project since I received my fabric in the mail the other day.

My chart was being printed off from PC Stitch program which I like because I can make my chart bigger.

The printer was not leveling the chart right on the paper, so something is wrong with the printer.

My husband tried to fix it but had no luck. We looked at our receipt to see if we could return it but it was already pass 30 days, so we couldn't return it. We would have to call the company to get it fix.

I really wanted to start working on it last night, but I ended up reading a book and watching a movie instead.

This is what I wanted to work on last night.

I was planning to put the Halloween Design on that Autumn Sunrise fabric. The instruction said to try to use a pale orange color to help bring out the white in the ghost. When I got the fabric in the mail. The orange was alittle darker than what it showed on the internet.

Hopefully the printer will be fix soon, so I can start working on it. Meanwhile, I will be do some reading while I wait.


Isabelle said...

Good luck on fixing that printer. Your fabric is a great choice for that design!

BeckySC said...

Oh, I like that-too cute and fabric choice is perfect! Hope you get to start it soon :)

It's so nice to meet you.Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I appreciate it :)

Selina said...

the fabrics look wonderful :) I never got to bought any of it, as it's hard to get here. Good luck with your printer!