Monday, February 20, 2006

Last Friday, I went to Michaels to get some more stitching supplies and I got everything I needed except for one color thread. They were out of it and I was so disappointed because it was the one color I needed to backstitch my Nautical project. So it is not completed yet as I am waiting to that particular color thread to come in.

Right now I am working on my friend's birthday gift and I won't display it until I give it to her for her birthday. Time is close and I need to focus on it to finish on time.


June said...

How lucky are you to live in Florida. I have just come back from Florida and loved it there. Maybe it was me who cleared Michaels out of threads, as while I was there, I bought lots of them as they are so much cheaper than here in England LOL

Dawn said...

I hope the floss comes in soon. Looking forward to seeing your friend's gift.

Terri said...

Ahhh what a shame. What color is it? Maybe one of us can send one to you.

Dianne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
You have a very nice one yourself.
Where are you from in New Jersey?
I like your webcam of Universal. We were just down in your area last May. We loved it!