Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nautical Project Completed But....

I finally finish stitching my nautical project and when I decided to do the backstitching, I realized I forgot to buy the threads for backstitching.

So now I will have to wait to go back to the store to buy some of the threads I need to complete this project. I have no idea when that will be because my husband is working 9 days straight and I'm not sure when he will be free for me to use the car and go to the store. Hopefully I can go sometimes this weekend.

Meanwhile, I will work on my friend's project and I hope I have enough threads I need for that one too.


Von said...

Hi Lauren,
I remember those days when my dh and I had only one car! Oh well, we manage, right :D

Dawn said...

I know how frustrating it can be only having one vehicle. Your Nautical looks great! I am looking forward to seeing it completely finished. :)

Have a great weekend!