Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Computer Crashed.

Hello all! I'm so sorry I went missing in action for a while.

The week before Christmas, my computer crashed and I couldn't get on the internet or check any emails. I couldn't even do much of anything.

So we ordered a new computer and it came the day after Christmas. It took us some time to get used to it and there are no photos on the new computer yet. I have to upload the old photos from my DVD and there are alot of photos we have to upload and it will take time to do that.

I'll just say Merry Belated Christmas to everyone and I'm here just on time to say Happy New Year too!

We stayed in Florida for Christmas. It was quiet and relaxing for us. We watched alot of Christmas movies and made some lasagna. We were too tired to go anywhere because we went to Disney for three days the week before Christmas. My mom was visiting us for six days because my Stepdad gave her a surprise christmas present to come visit us. She was pretty upset that we weren't going up north this year. Jason and I decided to go up north every other year to help save some money.

We went to Disney last Thursday to see a Christmas Show and boy, was it packed there! They had to close the park three times last week and for the first time in history, they closed three Disney parks in one day. They had to close Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and MGM. I have to tell you to never go to Disney during Christmas week. The minimum wait time in line was 40 minutes. Most were at least 90 minutes wait. If you went to Disney three weeks before Christmas, it's very quiet and lines are very short. Just my little advice to those Disney fans.

We went to
Epcot one night to watch the Candlelight Processional and Neil Patrick Harris was the host. He used to be Doogie Howser, M.D. and now he's in How I Met Your Mother. It was so weird to sit there and see him in real person. I grew up watching his show and it was just weird for me not to see him on tv this time.

We also went to
Apopka last Friday as a little day trip. We stopped at Kelly Park where they had natural spring water and you can swim and go tubing in it. It was a beautiful park with a small lagoon and beach area close to it. They had several picnic pavilions with bathrooms and a playground area for kids. They also have a small campground area. We will love to go back there again and maybe have a picnic with some friends of ours.

We also got to see some
ICE sculptures in Gaylord Palms. It was 9 degrees inside the building. They had colorful ice sculptures and some of them had christmas lights in them as well. We were provided with a heavy coat to wear but it wasn't enough to keep you warm.

We forgot to bring gloves and it was too cold to sign to each other. So bring gloves and hat when you visit ICE. We did remember to bring our hats thank goodness. They even had an ice slide for kids and I let Alyssa slide on the little slide. They only let you go down once.

What's interesting about this place is the people are from Russia and I had a hard time understanding them with their strong Russian accents. But they're very nice people.

Gaylord Palms provided free hot chocolate and a christmas show to watch. They had gnomes hidden in their gardens, and if you find them all, you can sign up to win a trip to Alaska. We didn't find all of the gnomes because we were too tired to keep walking around. We did find three of them so far. I think there are 10 we had to find. The place is huge and it could take a long time to look for the gnomes.

Well this is my story of my Christmas vacation.

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Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Happy New Year!